Saturday, 16 December 2017

Serbia and Bulgaria 2017 part 3

As soon as we entered the lodge we knew immediatelly there was something unique about this place. Sculptured wood carvings decorate the flower garden, smal handmade kiosks and teraces blending with wooden benches, all placed in the best spots overlooking the Danube. A small folk art museum is also used as a dining room, while next door was a cellar for the wine collection of the bare footed mr. Bos, the hospitable owner. 

We received a whole wooden house as a room upgrade . Mr. Bos is a man of his own class, he has literally cut, curved and bended kilometres of wood in his life and the lodge itself reflects his joyful and laid back character. The most brilliant about this place however, is the jaw dropping views to the majestic river running below. 
Unlike Mr. Bos, the Danube is bending, cutting, and curving the earth for millions of years, presenting the most spectacular natural beauty found in Central Europe. The snaky roads along the banks are not only scenic but also well maintained and inviting for games.  We drove from Donji Milanovats on the Serbian side, crossed the borders at the "Iron Gates" power dam, and reached the town of Orsova on the Romanian side.  

A 92,5 km route of well paved narrow roads filled with pure motorcycling happines. Being relieved from the travel load thrown back at the lodge, the KTM resurected another sports character. With the low fender to provide an excellent stability at the front it behaves as a motard and releases its skills on the tarmac. Even with my 50/50 tyres i feel that i can always bend it a little more closer to the ground, it is asking for it.  Christos with the ZZR was also throwing a party at every corner. I could see the thrill in his face everytime we stopped to photograph the amazing scenery. He said he would happily drive this road twice every day. "No matter what job you go to" I added. 

We took a tourist boat ride on the Romanian side in order to enter the heart of the Danube and learn some of its secrets. We crossed the narrowest point and the deepest point located not too far apart, entered caves created by erosion and marveled monasteries built on the steep walls of the gorge. 

The best highlight however was the granite royal bust of king Decebalus curved on the gorge's rock. It stood impossive at 50m above the watermark as a reminder of his glory. This river divides and the same time unites the regions where it passes, the people that afloat it and fauna and flaura that inhibits its banks at plenty. It was definately the epicenter of out tour and we took a great joy to be there for 2 consecutive days and ride through the trails of history and man. At dusk and upon returning to the lodge, we promised we will definately come back one day. I know it is a cliche phrase emerging at the peak of enthousiasm in every travel, but it felt as this was the best ride so far. We will see what the next day had to  bring on the road to Serbia's capital, the city of Beograd.

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